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Dating newcomb college pottery

Jessie Poesch is Professor Emerita of Art History at Newcomb College, Tulane University, and the author of numerous publications on American art and architecture.

Sally Main, MFA, is senior curator of the Newcomb Art Gallery at Tulane University.

In this new book, based on the author's pioneering 1984 study, many new pieces of pottery are included, as well as other Newcomb crafts such as jewelry and metalware.

The imaginative variety of designs and high standards of workmanship by the young women at Newcomb with surprise and delight the reader.

Interest in the Newcomb College art program of the early 20th century continues and grows.

A forty-eight page catalog with autobiographical and critical essays which recreate the rich cultural of the city.

This lavish and definitive book on Newcomb Arts and Crafts from the collector’s viewpoint is thorough in the scholarship of the New Orleans Women’s College, H. The fascinating history is complete with clear easy-to-read charts of the craft markings and of the decorators and their signatures, as well as guides to value and preservation of art works.

This is the book the collector needs to identify valuable Newcomb crafts in the marketplace and at national arts and crafts shows with a range of items never before seen.

Sophie Newcomb Memorial College opened in 1886, the art faculty consisted of Gertrude Roberts and brothers William and Ellsworth Woodward.

The art curriculum included Mechanical and Architectural Drawing as well as design, color ornamentation, and woodcarving.

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